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Stroud Diving & Hydrography

In April 1953, Stroud Diving & Hydrography was incorporated in Jacksonville, Florida to offer commercial diving and pipeline service to the marine industry. A.E. and Betty Stroud were owners and quality of service and integrity were their tag lines. Stroud provided drafting and technical written reports to document conditions found underwater. Their drawings and reports would later become the standard of the industry. They were well diversified, offering diving services to the shipping industry, dock and wharf owners, paper mills, power plants, and utilities.

▫ The company operated very successfully for 30 years and was subsequently purchased by MESCO  in 1983. MESCO was founded in 1978 in North Carolina where it operated inland and coastal projects on the eastern seaboard and the Gulf of Mexico.

▫ Stroud Diving / MESCO has a rich culture with loyal customers and wonderfully productive employees. Our longevity is evident by the 60 years of faithful service.
▫ We enjoy a good reputation which has been earned over a half-century of service. The company is loyal to its customers and provides the best quality of services possible. By effective communications with clients, we try to provide them exactly what is specified.

We have always been unconventional and have been early adapters to change. In 1989 the Federal DOT announced mandatory Drug and Alcohol programs, we took advantage of the new requirements and set out to comply immediately. When the deadline came we found we were the only company performing pipeline work while the competition tried to catch up.

In 2002 the Federal DOT also announced the Pipeline Operator Qualification compliance program. While our competitors were busy trying to identify new underwater covered tasks, we took full advantage of the time and gained compliance through nationally recognized organizations and were once again working in 2003 while others were spending valuable time catching up.

In 2012 we continue to lead the underwater pipeline integrity Inspection Repairs & Maintenance services in our part of the industry and have commanded more than our fair share of the market. Our client list continues to grow and our capabilities expand to serve our customers.

The Stroud Diving & Hydrography and MESCO team continues to lead where possible and remains on the front edge of their portion of the industry’s market share. We do things a little different here, and can say we’ve changed the history of our company in our time.

Agrifina H Hux