Audited Safety Training Programs

Compliance First!

The company has over 80 safety programs of which we annually audit appx 60 of them between the four compliance databases we use to maintain compliance.  If you are a power utility, pipeline operator, Dam and Spillway owner, Pulp and paper Mill owner, or have marine structures you would interested in our company and our commitment to safety.

We are active with our compliance because we believe in the synergy of safe operations, proper planning, and developing a partnership between management, employees, and the customer.  You will find that we cooperate well with all safety programs in force with our clients.  Where a program may not specifically address the work we do, we can provide training for your employees and managers so that they may understand what we do and how we do it within the regulations of OSHA, Corps of Engineers, USCG and our industry.

Our first step in working for you is to gain your trust and confidence in the safe practices and operating procedures we use.

Once compliant we go forward, together, in a safe and cooperative direction with excellent communications and safety practices.

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