MESCO Inspects Pipelines for 60 years!

MESCO Inspects Pipelines for 60 years!

Six Decades of Quality, Service and Commitment to Safety

Not many companies can boast a clear history and safe operations life-span of more than 60 years.  We believe and practice safety in all of our daily endeavors.  It is truly testimony to the commitment made by our employees and associates, who contribute the safe practices over the past 60 years.  Though we have Safety Programs and Safe Operations Practices, it is those dedicated employees who make those policies real.

“I will live another day and go home to my family safely”

“I came here with 20 fingers and toes and will go home with 20”

“No job is begun until the safe approach is in place”

“If you can’t tie a good knot, tie a lot of them”  Err NO Sir!  Back to training until you tie Good knots every time!

– are some of the slogans I have heard our Supervisors say over the years.

Non-Destructive Testing

We can provide MT magnetic particle, VT Visual, PT Penetrates, UT Ultrasonic thickness, to examine the integrity of pipelines, ship hulls, bridge piers, or bulkhead piles. We use a ASNT program in the company to certify our technicians and write procedures based on our years of experience.

Comprehensive written reports compiling the data and accompanied by detailed drawings in AutoCAD help us produce the final submittals to the customer.

Survey and Inspections of DOT Crossings

All pipelines are governed by 49 CFR Parts 192 (gas) and 195 (Liquids) and we are a company that goes out of our way to make sure pipelines are not exposed or suspended where they cross navigable waterways.    These inspections are for the public’s Safety

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