MESCO USA, Inc is a  company with major talents in the Pipeline Industry. We follow pipelines across the United States, Central and South America. Any pipeline location that crosses water is a potential worksite for our company. Our company was known as Stroud Diving & Hydrography during its first 30 years in the industry as this was the only means necessary to obtain information on submerged pipelines and marine structures.  Today with electronics we can determine most of what is necessary without the need for manned diving operations.  MESCO, Inc purchased Stroud Diving in 1983 and has spent the last 32 years building a safe company with safe and proven procedures for surveying and obtaining detailed data on pipelines and other structures in situ.

There is no other company better suited to conduct Maritime Evaluations of Structures.

We are well staffed, equipped, and diversified to meet challenges in the field, bring the data to the office for post processing, and go forward with quality reports and drawings to details the conditions of a field structure as they were found in place.

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