Survey Instrumentation

We have a full compliment of survey and data acquisition instruments, including RTK and DGPS.  Our field hardware in complimented with Trimble, Sokia, and other software to post-process the data.

Physical Measurement

We have a variety of instruments and tools for obtaining measurements on our client’s structures whether on land or in water.

Scanning Sonar

We use side scan sonar and other geologic instruments to obtain detailed information on the structures we are examining.




Comprehensive Written Reports  &  AutoCAD produced drawings

We produce a comprehensive and detailed written report on the situation and state of your marine structure, including pipelines, power plants, piers, paper mill waterfront facilities, Ports Authority structures, Dams, spillways, and include photographs when possible, measurements, indications of any adverse conditions.

Our Trimble and industry software will upload our field data into an AutoCAD format to assist us in providing a scaled drawing of your structure.


Underwater Video

Using a CCTV color camera with surface console and communications, we can detail your structure.

Please contact us at:  or call 904-355-1777