Offshore Pipelines

Pipeline Surveys, Inspections and Mapping Offshore

Offshore Pipeline IS&M – Inspection Survey and Mapping.   The company has been involved with the inspection and detailed reporting of the conditions of offshore structures since the 1970’s. We conduct  inspections by our Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) or other means of manned or unmanned inspection.

Cathodic Potential testing is conducted to assist with the analysis of the cathodic protection system.

Inspecting and reporting on the integrity of marine structures and platforms  helps the owner make informed decisions on maintenance or replacement of key components.  We provide the base data and information, exactly as it exists on site, to facilitate the ower’s decisions.  The welds on 25% of the structure are cleaned and the welds are prepared for NonDestructive testing. If the platform is on a regular inspection cycle, the welds may be cleaned at 20% -25% each year, which provides for a 100% underwater structural evaluation over a 4-5 year period.

The inspection is documented on video and /or digital  photographs.

Inspection formats for the various services and a comprehensive written report is made for submission to the client.

Our Platform IS&M procedues have been accepted by the Naval Facilities Engineering Command and industry platform operators as well as a number of Platform Operators.

Platform Repairs & Maintenance

We can provide the complete service of Inspection to determine actual conditions of marine structures, provide detailed written reports accompanied by CAD drawings.   Staff engineers review all reports and make recommendations to the platform owner for maintaining the integrity of their structures.