Safety and Craft Training

Every employer has to conduct safety training. We’re no different. What sets us apart as a service and engineering company is that we have a wider range of safety classes than a usual company might have. Documenting and keeping up with expiration dates, following guidance and compliance rules and coordinating employees with customers is where using certain programs makes good business sense. We’ve partnered with some of the industry’s finest data bases and training programs to document training and we established our own Department of Labor approved teaching program to be able to teach parts of our curricula not otherwise available to us.

We’ve lowered our exposure, liability and risks tremendously by installing a training and evaluation program and being able to conduct training and sustain the proficiency of our own people.   First, it was the First Apprenticeship of its kind in the United States.   It was also the First in the ADCI.

We have all of our training programs currently on the ISNetworld data base.  ISNetworld has a RAVS (Review and Verification Service) to assure that all of our (58) safety training programs meet the minimum standards, but also a T-RAVS (Training -Review and Verification Service) which monitors our training of each of the program subjects.

We have safety training personnel directly on staff, including an OSHA Instructor for General Industry and Construction.



We provide certifications to Pipeline OQ standards meeting the requirements of over 240 pipeline operators. Our Master Trainer and Pipeline Core Instructors can provide training on pipeline covered tasks by using the Contren Learning Series. We conduct Assessments and Performance Verifications to NCCER standards.

Evaluations are conducted by a Veriforce approved Evaluator. Covered tasks are evaluated for Veriforce pipeline operators. All evaluations are fee-based and conducted at your location or in a field setting.
DOT Drug & Alcohol Training Programs
We have Federal DOT approved training programs compliant with 49 CFR Parts 199 and 40. We have awareness programs for the general employees and our subcontractors and Supervisors Programs for management employees, first line supervisors, and foremen. We include customer employees and subcontractors in the training whenever convenient.
DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Program
The company uses Pipeline Testing Consortium as our third party collection agent, program manager, Medical Review Officer, and NIDA 5 panel laboratory. Our relationship with PTC has been ongoing since the 1989 DOT rule. Our statistic are available at PTC under our old trade name,
“Stroud Diving & Hydrography” at

Pipeline Training and Testing Programs
NCCER – National Center for Construction Education and Research is our primary training, assessment, evaluation, and performance provider. We have been working with NCCER since their involvement in the Pipeline Craft Skills originated with them. We have an Administrator and Master Trainer, Subject Matter Experts and many enriched employees who have participated in their programs. They are located on the web at
Veriforce is an assessment and performance evaluation service provider for us. We have an administrator and SME approved by them as well. Certain clients only accept PV’s or Assessments from one national governing body or another. Veriforce can be located on the web at
▫ Program National Databases
Our collection database for all OQ information ( other than Veriforce) is stored and maintained on the site and it is accessible to pipeline operators nationwide. We have insurance data, Safety, Safe Practices statistics, OSHA 300 Logs and information, personnel statistics, personal qualifications on all personnel, company information and other very valuable data on this vast database.
▫ SCQ-V Safety Compliance Quality – Verified

The HSE safety programs for the company are submitted and audited by National Compliance Management Service NCMS, which verifies our compliance to OSHA and other agencies. This compliance verification is extensive and the only acceptable score is 100% compliance. N

Commercial Diving Company Training & Compliance Programs

We can conduct comprehensive training to commercial diving companies or power utility companies which have a need to understand more about the OSHA and US Coast Guard regulations for commercial diving.  We can also incorporate the EM385-1-1 of the Corps of Engineers and train participants to conduct safe diving operations.  This proven successful program has prepared contractors and clients to deal with the federal regulations for commercial diving and to understand the roles and risks involved in hosting diving operations.



CMS is directed by our customers to conduct the safety audits. Our compliance scores are also available on the website.
▫ No Access to IsNetworld?
In the event a customer does not have access to the information compiled and maintained on the IsNetworld database, please contact us. We will provide you with statistical information direct from our database. contact: and indicate the information required. The information is only available to customers and is strictly confidential.